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Birthing positions

Birthing while doing upright positions can let gravity bring your babe down the birth canal. Laboring upright takes pressure off the birthing person’s aorta, which makes for a better oxygen supply for your baby.

I wanted to offer a few positions:

Squatting: Relieves pressure off the back. And can be done with a person from your birthing team! Made pillows underneath for stability and comfort.

On hands and knees (in a chair): Relieves back pressure. (and knee pressure, if you’re able to squat) Added bonus: Someone from your birthing team can give counter pressures and/or touch.

Hands flat on floor with butt in air: Relieves back pressures. You can space to rock your hips & waves come & go.

What birthing positions have you tried? Which ones are you thinking about trying?

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