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Breathwork Session for the Holidays (A BADT event)

The holidays can be a stressful ass time (whether negatively or positively) & we all need to carve out space to re-center & care for ourselves collectively as a community. Pause & take some time & space to ground again at Andrea's breathwork session (for Current BADT and alumn students) 11/21 @ 3p CST/ 4p EST!

During this hour together, we'll:

-drop back into our bodies (ground)

-practice deep abdominal breathing & the lion's breath

-notice our thoughts a & thoughts from a non-judgemental POV

-utilize the 4-7-8 breath & alternate nostril breathing

-do some visualization

Feel free to drop in & or drop out whenever you're comfortable. There's no pressure to be on or off cam. Make space for yourself, your breath & body! .

Can't wait to connect soon!

Andrea Richardson (she/her/Goddess) is a certified full spectrum doula (BADT) & reiki practitioner/teacher. She's the owner of Womb Care Womxn, a healing services business based in Saint Louis, MO. It's her joy to support folks along their healing journey. She's thankful to have this opportunity to support the BADT students and alumni community.

Let's connect soon!

social media handle: IG: wombcarewomxn

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