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Feedback Is A Form of Love

During our first week @ CBE training, @loveoverfreewellness mentioned that they see feedback as a form of love. It really blew my mind-- In the past, the only spaces I've received feedback was in professional settings-like work. The criteria for the feedback has always been based on white supremacist capitalist patriarchy (RIP bell hooks) standards. The criteria demanded perfection (which is a symptom of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy) And as a creative Black queer employee, I was crumbling (emotionally) under the pressure...

As a new business owner who is striving to better serve clients, for the first time, I am asking for feedback. (S/O to @Khye from @kuluntu for helping me to create a google form. My feedback form is open ended & feels expansive: What are your takeaways? What, if anything, would you like to improve about our time together? Simple. Not based on perfection, at all. It's still tough to ask for feedback (cuz I have PTSD from oppressive white spaces, childhood trauma & a touch of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, too) . I'm always holding my breath when I ask. Always holding my breath when it comes in--whether positive or constructive. I’m getting better at not taking things personally. But I do appreciate JB for sharing something NEW that that I can hold close to my heart: Feedback is a form of love. Because for clients and folks I cross paths with in business, it definitely is. It's something I'm learning.

How do you feel about asking/receiving feedback as an entrepreneur? #wombcarewomxn #feedback #blackdoulasupport #pleasuredoula #birthdoula #fullspectrumdoula

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