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In Awe of Black Birth…

There’s something so undeniably powerful about birth. There are SO many things that are undeniably powerful about Black birthing people. ESPECIALLY my birth doula client.

My client labored for about 12 hours. (before they chose to have an epidural) We started off–I showed their partner how to give counter pressures. I share with him that they would help to relieve pressure while his partner was contracting. We moved into bouncing on yoga balls (Giving counter pressures while they bounced the balls) We moved into bouncing on yoga balls together. And they danced with their partner & danced with me, too. I spent time rotating their hips.

As my client’s contractions and waves grew stronger & their groans grew stronger, my client’s partner and I took turns cradling them on the bed. As I cradled my client, I closed my eyes, remembered to keep breathing, and prayed to many of my ancestors who have birthed–for the protection of my client as they birthed…

I’ve never seen a person master patterned breathing in my whole existence. They breathed through waves. Breathed through pain. Breathed through.

I’m in absolute awe of my birthing client. In awe.

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