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Peace, ya’ll! It’s been a minute since I’ve introduced myself. I’m Andrea! Owner of Womb Care Womxn, a business based in Saint Louis, MO. I’m passionate about many things! I’m a full spectrum doula whose focus is on birth and pleasure.

As a birth doula, I love supporting Black birthing families from conception to postpartum & beyond. I love educating, advocating for and honoring families during such a sacred time. It brings me joy. I enjoy facilitating prenatal & postpartum workshops, doing and offering research for clients, and advocating in birthing spaces while offering continuous labor and birth support.

As a pleasure doula, it’s her mission to support Black women & femmes activate & reclaim their pleasure. To help them prioritize their pleasure in their everyday lives through one-on-one coaching: provide exercises, techniques and avenues to help facilitate healing around pleasure.

As a reiki practitioner & teacher, I love supporting Black folks to activate their own healing through Kundalini reiki. I offer sessions to help reiki clients manifest intentions. As a teacher, I help students learn more about Kundalini energy and the chakra systems so Black students can heal themselves and activate their communities.

If you’re interested in any of my services & support (offer both virtual and in-person support), hit me up on my website: Or feel free to shoot me an email:

Let’s connect soon!

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