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Pain management during Labor

There are ways to help birthing people manage pain while laboring. I want to offer some options for those who don’t desire to have an epidural. Here are some alternatives:

🧡Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

I know of one birthing parent who actually has tried this during their labor. You’ll have to ask your Dr/Midwife @ your hospital/birthing center if they have this available. It’s a new implementation for hospitals, so that’s exciting. (Always ask them about the benefits and risks of nitrous oxide)

🧡Deep breathing with music therapy

Slow deep breathing tends to help manage pains of waves (contractions)

Take an organizing breath, a big sigh as soon as the contraction begins. Release all tension (go limp all over – from head to toe) as you breathe out.

Creating a playlist of your favorite songs & playing them in the background can be healing and grounding during labor.


Affirmations are short, positive statements that can be used during labor by the mother or the support person as a way of creating a positive attitude toward birth and labor pain. Sometimes negative thoughts hinder the body from progressing through labor.

Creating a positive mindset encourages the body to relax and let labor progress.

🧡Taking a bath/shower

Some birthing folks find it soothing to be immersed in warm water during labor. It all depends on what stage of labor they are in. Water can be helpful in relieving some pain.

🧡Movement/Changing positions frequency

Dancing and movement can be helpful to relieving laboring pain during early stages of labor.

Trying different labor positions can make childbirth easier and speed deliv

ery. Changing positions helps manage the pain of labor, and walking and staying upright during early and active labor has been proven to lessen the need for a c-section as well as reducing time in labor.

Start practicing these positions with your birthing team during pregnancy so you’ll remember them once you hit active labor.

Can you think of any other ways to help relieve pain during labor? Comment below.

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