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2nd Year Entrepreneur Anniversary!

2 years ago, I quit my full time gig.

Never in a million years thought I'd actually be working for myself (even though it was something I had desired)

I'd love to thank everyone who has been encouraging, offered great advice & resources, donated, paid for a service or product, become a client, read any of my posts, seeing me believing in me & my magic, referred folks to me, etc.

cuz it takes a COMMUNITY to raise an entrepreneur. *giggling* It takes a community to support one, too.

I'm so blessed to be in loving & kindred community (whether virtual or in-person)

2 years doesn't feel like a long time, but in this ponderosa it HAS BEEN! And I don't think I've cried as much as I have (both happy and angry tears) before becoming an entrepreneur. LOL! This shit is not for the weak. LOL!

I'm excited about moving forward (I love that I quit near the new year/Spring Equinox) & seeing what amazing shit I'll accomplish this year. The Sky's the Limit, right?!

Anywho, if you feel called to, send me your coins & I'll make good use of them! $WombCareWomxn

Enjoy your Friday/VenusDay!

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