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Love reading!

My personal love reading (brief) for next year.

@oubria gave me the task for homework to pull cards for different reading for myself & audio/record my interpretation. Go with the flow.

Here’s my interpretation of my love life next week:

7 of Swords: The beginning of the week, I may feel like I’m fighting by a few things: past thoughts about love, internalized negative messages about, toxic patterns, self doubt in love. A lot of shit. Alone. But I’ve got to remember my tools: support of my ancestors

Page of Wands: Whatever push and pull & battle that was going on in 7 of wands has eased and won. I’ve turned way & am facing all the possibilities & sweet potential in love. Looking towards the sun in victory & ready to step into a new direction.

2 of cups: 😍 Maybe there will be a great sense in my heart, in my emotions about being connected in a love or partnership. A sense of balance of yin and yang energy. But I must remember, what balance I need in a love/partnership, I must possess it on myself.

Such a great love reading for me next week. 😍

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