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Rock Your Chakras 101 class

Peace gang! Happy Sunday Day!

Sunday January 21st 2024, I'll be facilitating a virtual workshop about the 7 major chakras & how they work together to create a more balanced life. Come through whether you're a newbie to the chakra systems or if you'd love to learn more about them! All levels of knowledge are welcome, for real. It's $20 per attendee.

A little info:

In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “disk” or “wheel” and refers to the energy centers in your body.

Spinning energy each corresponds to certain nerve bundles and major organs.

To function at their best, your chakras need to stay open, or balanced. If they get blocked, you may experience physical or emotional symptoms related to a particular chakra.

There are seven main chakras that run along your spine. They start at the root, or base, of your spine and extend to the crown of your head.

The chakras most often referred to are the seven main ones.

During this class , you'll uncover:

-What chakras are

-The names of 7 major chakras

-Where the chakras are located

-Which organs they govern

-When they are unbalanced

-How to balance/cleanse/open them\

Janurary 21st 2024 @ 2:00p CST/ 3p EST.


A ttendees will receive two FREE audio meditations for the root & sacral chakra!

Please share with all your communities! Thank you kindly!

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