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Sacral Chakra Balancing

**eating oranges right now**😂

🍊Our sacral chakra (located above our belly button) houses where were express our sensuality, s3xuality and pleasure. When it’s blocked, we may feel uninspired, low libido (for those who aren’t on the ase3ual spectrum) & uninventive.

How do we get back to that creative space & feeling?

We can balance that chakra by doing so many things:

🧡eating oranges (like I am. lol)

🧡dancing/doing movement, especially in our core

🧡take a salt bath & let our imagination run wild

🧡spray or wear jasmine oil

🧡wear the color orange

🧡engage in solo or partnered play wink*

🧡keep a pleasure journal (list all of the things that make your heart melt)

🧡meditate on the sound ‘VAM’ in the background while you work

If you need any support balancing your sacral chakra, purchase my 13-minute sacral chakra meditation @! It’s ready to be downloaded right now!

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