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"Idk who needs to hear this but do not be ashamed to SEEK out the support you need! And when you find it, SHARE it. Bc we’re all we got! The thing that surprised me most about pregnancy (aside from how hard it can be) was how much support I needed that I didn’t even know existed! As I celebrate this surprisingly emotional personal milestone of making it through our 4th trimester aka our first 3 months together earth side, I’m looking back on how we got this beautiful little human here & who we couldn’t have done it without. We chose to have an out-of-hospital #homebirth & it was the absolute BEST decision I’ve ever made. I feel humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude for the solid support system of actual angels that carried me through the finish line. I met most of them in my final stretch of pregnancy & even in that short time, they made a world of difference. I’m convinced they’re the reason my body, mind, and spirit were prepared to deliver a 9 pound baby in my home! One day I’ll be ready to share our birth story but until then, just know these are the (s)heroes of that story. Eternal appreciation for each & every one of you. Shout out your birth teambc birth workers don’t get enough praise!! And pls tag anyone looking for help along their birth journey bc these game-changing resources are priceless! Check out + DONATE to THE VICTORIA PROJECT @tvpthevictoriaproject who work to make this care accessible to ALL mothers. Giving all the love to my birth angels, starting with a very special shout out to @kimberlydurdin of @kindredspace who was the fearless captain of my #birthteam. Every good thing that came to me on this journey came through you. I’ll never be able to say thank you enough. You are fam to us forever. Midwives: @kimberlydurdin @mama_leggs Acupunctirist / Herbalist / Cupping: Anisa of @sunflowerfamilywellness Chiropractor: @michaeltebbedc Physical Therapy: @theoriginway Sydney @drcurlsforthegirls Pelvic Floor Therapy: @the_v_doc Pre & Postnatal Workouts: @kristie_fitness @abcfitcollective Prenatal & Post-Partum Doula: @mslemonhoney" #pregnancy #materniTea #4thtrimester #fourthtrimester #pelvicfloor #doula #midwife

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