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Spring Equinox gardening

Finally finished weeding my garden bed! Whoo! I’m grateful it’s done. It was tough transporting the compost from one side of the yard to my bed, then spreading it.

I thought about so much while weeding.

Something that came to mind: When I was 6 or 7, I remember my paternal Granny had a best friend named Rose. She was a white older adult with rosy cheeks. I wondered what it meant for my Granny to have a white best friend. I remembered they were both gardeners. She must have been someone special since my Granny didn’t hang with everyone, especially white people. Rose was a neighbor that Granny enjoyed laughing with while sitting outside on the front porch. I remember seeing them laughing together A LOT!

It’s been so amazing to see what memories and spirits come up while gardening. I’m so incredibly grateful for them! For me, Gardening is ancestry work.

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