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Ways To Fund A Doula

Ways to Fund A Doula

Set up payment plan

Add costs of doula to your baby registry

Customize a package based on your budget

Barter services

Create gofund me

Use your FSA/HSA account

Set up a payment plan: Many doulas will work with you and their families by accepting payment plans for their services. Normally, it’s listed on their website or just reach out and ask. Most doulas don’t want money to be a hindrance to getting the support they need.

Adding a la cart services like ‘birth preferences plan support’ and even whole doula packages to your registry can help family and friends gift you what you need!

Talking with doulas about customizing a specific package based on your income can help ensure that you get the support you need within your means. Definitely talk with your prospective doula about your needs and budget.

Are their services or goods that you can offer as equal exchange to a service or package you need? Some doulas are open to bartering to a degree. Again, just ask.

Create a Gofund me to help friends and family fund every service or package you need. To take the stress off you during your pregnancy journey.

For those with insurance through their employer, some Flexible Spending Account /Health Spending Account will pay for some of your doula care. You’ll have to talk with your insurance about what your FSA/HSA will cover.

Do you know of any other ways to fund a doula? Sound off!

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