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What is a doula?

Repost from @sadethedoula__

“So what is a Doula?”

I get this response almost every time I tell someone I’m a doula. A lot of people are still confused as to what exactly a doula does so let’s get into it! Doulas:

💖 Support women and birthing persons and their families physically, emotionally, and mentally throughout their entire pregnancy, during birth, and after birth.

💖 Teach and use comfort measures during labor and delivery.

💖 Help you find your voice! Advocate for the birth that you desire.

💖 Accompany you to doctor’s visits.

💖 Find resources that are specific to you and your needs (postpartum services, lactation consultants, childbirth education classes, parent and baby classes, therapists...virtually anything!)

💖 Empower, empower, empower! We give you the little push needed to make informed choices.

💖 Educate you and your family about the choices available to you. You never know ‘till you know!

💖There are doulas who specialize in different areas:

🧡Postpartum doulas

🧡Abortion doulas

🧡Sibling doulas

🧡Bereavement/Pregnancy and Infant Loss doulas

🧡Sex doulas

🧡Labor/Birth doulas

🧡Full-spectrum doulas

🧡Antepartum doulas

🧡Adoption doulas.. and many more

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