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Woke Read Alouds

Repost from @wokekindergarten

It’s almost Transgender Awareness Week. 11/20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance 🖤💜💙💕

Here’s an old clip from our very first #WokeReadAlouds talking about pronouns!

Many of you are new here, so I wanna get you hip to a few things:

1. I’m Ki. I’m queer, non-binary & trans.

2. This is a #WokeReadAloud. You can find all of our #WokeReadAlouds on our YouTube!

3. This book is called they, she, he, easy as ABC! by @mzmayagonzalez

4. I will finally be releasing a new Woke Read Aloud next week! The book I’ll be reading is called, “It Feels Good to Be Yourself”

5. Introduce yourselves (and your kids if you want) in the comments! What are your pronouns? Where you joining our lil #WokeK community from? And what brought you here?

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