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Root Chakra Energy: Are You Feeling Grounded Today?

Root chakra energy: Are you feeling grounded today? ❤️

Our chakras represent the energy centers in our bodies. There are 7 major ones from our root (tail bone) to our crown chakra (head)

The root chakra houses our sense of safety, all our foundation. When it’s unbalanced, we can feel anxious 😥 (I’m feeling a little bit of that here)

I guided us through a little breathing exercise we can use to ground our root. 🌳

I shared that carrying crystals like red jasper can help us get back into aligned. Affirmations like “I am safe & ground” can too.

Click here to buy & learn more about chakra healing ❤️‍🩹

In the interactive workbook (pdf) I’ve shared affirmations, crystals, links to meditation music, writing ✍🏽 prompts folks can use to balance each of the 7 chakras!

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